sealcoating & pavement marking
We are a family owned business and have been in operation for over 22 years serving customers in the middle Tennessee area. Jim and David are hands-on managers, handling every aspect of the operation from preparing the bids to applying the sealer and painting the parking lots.
Jim and Debbie Pruitt started STRIPEMASTER in 1986 after moving home to Tennessee from Colorado where Jim had worked with a pavement marking company. Originally the company was started as a parking lot striping business, but they soon saw the need to enlarge their services to include asphalt sealcoating. Debbie is the office manager, handling administrative and accounting duties.
David Ezell, Debbie's brother, joined the business in 1988 as a partner in sealcoating. Our newest addition - Selena Ezell - joined our business and our family after her marriage to David in 2007. Selena assists us in marketing our asphalt maintenance services.
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